Professional Consulting

Do you have a large fleet but are just not sure if you are doing things in the most cost efficient manner when it comes to maintenance? Are you unsure if your equipment specifications are correct for your type of business? Are you looking weighing the benefits of leasing vs. owning your assets?

Does GPS/Telematics make sense for your operation? Should you be looking at hybrid options in a shift toward a “Greener” fleet? How do your current life cycle costs on your fleet compare to the standard in your particular industry?

VehiCare’s executive team has the nationally recognized experience and resources in all of these areas and more. Providing consulting services for some of America's largest OEM's, trucking companies and private fleet operators.

We can also help the smaller fleet operator with development of the right solution for their unique needs. You'll receive an honest assessment of your maintenance and equipment needs and and receive recommendations based on what is best for your situation.