Food and Beverage Industry


You want maintenance for your food and beverage fleet with the least possible cost. At Vehicare, we understand that. Your industry is in a state of flux – driver shortages, changing government regulations and innovative delivery strategies are what you deal with every day.

By working with Vehicare, we offer customized maintenance solutions that meld with your changing and dynamic industry. You need to keep your fleet up and running, maximize your capacity and have predictable maintenance costs.

Vehicare is the best solution for the food and beverage industry! 


According to the National Private Truck Council, there are some industry trends that are affecting the industry including:

  • Shortage of fleet reinvestment in the heavy truck market through the recession resulting in an aging fleet, as well as recent investment in more efficient units
  • Emissions regulations causing a jump in the price of new Class 8 units
  • Lower oil prices providing relief to freight rates
  • Base freight rates climbing for dry freight, reefer freight and flatbeds 
  • Driver shortages and driver retention challenges in an environment where drivers have customer service concerns and on-time pressures
  • Companies comingling their food and beverage deliveries, especially to convenience and gas stations. This allows them to make deliveries to large and small retailers on one route using the same truck. This also allows for less miles and less fuel usage because of efficient routing


By partnering with Vehicare:

You have the ability to link Vehicare maintenance software to most GPS/Routing systems, like Geo-Tab
This will reduce your fleet cost, increase uptime and track delivery data to meet your delivery strategies

We provide you with uptime statistics to monitor your fleet
This will preserve your uptime, especially if you are running with less spare equipment

We work with any size fleet – as small as 25 units to over 1000 units per location

Provide consistency as your fleet size expands

You have a partner who understands that labor, equipment, fuel, tires and maintenance are your top costs
Vehicare focuses on fleet -cost reduction measures

We understand that emission repair costs can be a challenge
This expanding cost can be managed with regular maintenance

At Vehicare, we service all classes of vehicles. We run our own numbers, continually improving our standards and use data to show customers how we partner with you for the highest level of fleet efficiency.