The shipping industry is changing. The Panama Canal was recently expanded, and new opportunities in Intermodal freight abound. Are you ready?

Let us keep the yard spotters and other vehicles in your fleet at peak performance. At VEHICARE, we partner with you to truly customize the right-size solutions that will manage your costs while ensuring your entire team is prepared to capitalize on the bright future in Intermodal.

Industry Trends

The bigger and better Panama Canal has changed the game for global shipping. 

The Intermodal Association of North America has reported a positive outlook for Intermodal volumes. Imports are helping drive growth, as well. Analysts have predicted ports on the East Coast will take some market share that has historically gone to their counterparts on the West Coast.

Port operators along the Atlantic seaboard have invested heavily in accommodations for bigger container ships. Improved assets, like towering new cranes, were installed and channels were dredged to better handle the larger vessels that now will be navigating the canal. Many of these upgrades were made anticipating steady, long-term growth.

There's a desire across the industry to capitalize on increasing global shipping volume. Are you ready to seize this rare moment?

VEHICARE is eager to help ensure your vehicles are at peak performance so you can maximize your opportunities during this exciting time in Intermodal commerce. 


Our flexibility is your advantage. Together we'll develop solutions tailored to fit your needs and supported by VEHICARE’s proactive fleet maintenance programs that maximize asset utilization while minimizing life-cycle maintenance costs. VEHICARE’S on-site services offer the following capabilities:

  • Hours of service scheduled at your convenience – including nights and weekends
  • Comprehensive preventative maintenance inspection and fluid change capability
  • Tracking and notification of services
  • Annual DOT inspections
  • Properly outfitted Mobile Service Units with proper oil recovery systems meeting local and federal regulations
  • 24/7 nationwide roadside response for breakdowns
  • On-site computer diagnostics
  • Lighting, brakes, clutch adjustments and other follow-up repairs
  • Estimates provided on all repairs
  • Capability to service trailers
  • Backed by our 120-day workmanship warranty

Broad Network, Big Advantages

VEHICARE is part of a broader network of companies serving a variety of industries with a range of capabilities. Special support for VEHICARE fleet maintenance is provided by preferred vendors Clarke Power Services and WheelTime. VEHICARE’s network provides more than 200 full-service maintenance locations – ensuring our customers are covered from coast to coast, and throughout the United States and Canada. Whether you prefer the convenience of on-site dedicated service or access to our vast network of maintenance facilities, VEHICARE can provide a custom solution for your needs.